What is Transpersonal Coaching?

Transpersonal Coaching is the doorway to find your intrinsic motivation. It’s the key to create a fulfilled and empowered life, work and relationships. With you my work focuses on three steps:

1. finding out your motivation

2. creating the change to fulfil it in your life right now

3. expanding your horizons towards the multiple possibilities you will have after becoming the best version of yourself  


Transpersonal Coaching also focuses on leadership development for corporate environments. Its success lays in coaching the management levels into becoming enablers for their teams – someone who is able to understand the stories and intrinsic motivation of each player in order to create real and valuable OKRs to drive the corporation success and the people in and around it.


If you realised that everything you have laboured so hard to accumulate would vanish the instant you depart this world, would it alter your daily agenda?” – Walter Cooper


If your answer is YES, Transpersonal Coaching is what you have been looking for.


Jörg Leisenberg

I experienced Carolina as a very passionate friendly, heartfelt, open and direct person. I felt always safe and very well guided through the process. I learned a lot of tools to deal in difficult situations throughout my workday. She listened so carefully and made me see the big picture behind all the details.

Agency Director / Hamburg

Bruno Ribeiro

To practice meditation and receive Carolina's coaching was fantastic. At a time when I needed to rearrange several points in my personal life, Carolina helped me find the calm and energy needed to meet the challenges that followed. Every exercise, technique, and note she made led to substantial changes in my daily life. I noticed how my mood, quality of sleep, humour, and especially my self-knowledge improved over time. The coaching was decisive to face the transition phase I found myself at the time and still today I'm reaping the benefits in both my work and personal life.

Systems Analyst / Brazil

Lais Cicconi

The meditation became quickly a way into a balanced life and a daily tool. My flow of thoughts calmed down and I learned how to deal with daily situations in a much lighter and happier way. Today I'm also able to handle well stress situations. The coaching brought me physical and health benefits through the yoga exercises and breathing techniques. Today I can keep my body, mind and soul in positive flow. Carolina is a fun, warm-hearted and extremely capable coach, always keeping everything simple. I'm very happy for the chance to have worked with her.

Primary School Teacher / Brazil

Vlad Volosciuc

I can truly say that Transpersonal Coaching with Carolina changed my life. We started a few months ago, when I didn’t really know what Transpersonal Coaching means. At that time, I was already a very happy person, now I’m everything. I’ve unfolded my true potential. I know better who I am, I can easier recognise certain patterns, feelings and emotions. With these all, I am a better self. Coaching made me reach a level I couldn’t imagine until now. Put it this way: on Maslow’s pyramid, I’ve reached the 5th level, self-actualisation. Do I need to tell more? I bet it says it all. Not that I cannot be happier or reach other, much higher goals, but this can be future and I cannot control it. I live in present, remember the past and look into the future. I’m not perfect, I’m just myself. You have my gratitude forever.

Product Manager / Berlin

Daniela Strozek

I experienced Carolina as a sensitive, warm-hearted coach with lots of positive energy. It was easy for me to talk about my current life issues during the session. Carolina as very insightful and empathic as well. She has coherently explained me interrelations of things in the situation I'm living and showed me patterns of thinking and new actions that help me work out the challenges I have in this moment. After the coaching session, I had many questions to take back with me. Answering them gave me much more clarity about my situation. I went home self-confident, feeling that I could unravel the knots on my own. Thank you so much for this fruitful advices.

Communication Trainer / Berlin

Ozana Correa

I'm part of Carolina's meditation group since 3,5 years now. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to growth continuously through the exchanges and learnings we make together. Sharing our experiences with people tuned into Good and going into inner reflexion on a weekly basis helps me to stay much more aware of my spiritual practices in daily life. This circle has showed me once more that it is through positive awareness and pure energy vibrating in us that we can make the necessary steps in our spiritual evolution. Thank you Carolina for opening this space and allowing us to receive and give in the group reflections. It makes me so good!

Volunteer / Brazil



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