How does the coaching work?

Transpersonal Coaching draws together threads and influences from many high-profile 20th-century psychologists such as Abraham Maslow (who explored the relationship between self-realisation and motivation), Viktor Frankl (who found that those who could invest their lives with meaning had a greater chance of survival) and Carl Jung (who studied how individuals can feel fulfilled).

The task of the transpersonal coach is to facilitate the release of energy [from the self] in individuals and in groups. Drilling into an individual’s core values is an empowering process, it allows the coach to unearth the coachee’s core strengths and creativity. John Whitmore, executive chairman of Performance Consultants International, says “If we look for where the client’s positive energy is, its flow and vitality, we will find its purpose, and we will then explore and build on it as a coach, then this is what will grow within an individual or a company. In recent years, people are waking up to the transpersonal within themselves, through the emerging need to find meaning and purpose in all aspects of their lives, and to work in the service of something beyond just making a profit.”

Therefore, Transpersonal Coaching is also used as a tool to unfold inner wisdom as a mean of helping clients gain spiritual, emotional and social intelligences. It can address the stress of modern society and the corporate world developing focused and energetic leaders who can understand the importance of their environment and of the people around them.

Roisin Murray, who runs the programme for the post-graduate certificate in business coaching at the University of Derby gives a great statement: “transpersonal coaching is important in leadership development because no one can be a good leader unless they are self-aware and develop as a whole person.” This is the only manner how leaders start to uncover their “personal stories” and the stories of their own team members, noticing their importance because they are part of the total success strategy.

Creating Self- and Team-Awareness

Using transpersonal coaching methods, such as a map of the psyche and learning to work with the development of spiritual and emotional intelligence, means that coachees become more self–aware and sensitive to the dynamics of their relationships. As a result, clients find a deeper understanding of themselves, their direction in life and tools for their journey. Leaders become capable of creating a bigger picture out of their own stories and the stories of those they are managing to create something of a greater meaning at their jobs. Becoming aware of strengths and weaknesses of the self and the group, puts the client in a position where he/she is able to help the self and the group to release their positive energy creating growth.

The word “transpersonal” means therefore “beyond the person”. The psychology of Transpersonal Coaching is based on the idea of a higher self within each individual, which doesn’t recognise itself as a single personality but rather as being part of all that is there to be.

At a deeper level transpersonal coaching works with clients who want to unfold themselves and who are looking to integrate all facets of their personality into a complete [transpersonal] self – that which goes beyond the individual personality and recognises itself as part of the Whole – connected to the source of life and all knowledge, becoming ultimately timeless, that is, eternal in the here and now.

Every time you give yourself space to be who you are and to live out all your qualities and weaknesses, you will be creating possibilities for people and things to interact with you. It’s exactly through this exchange that growth and transformation happen. It is evolution that we create together as human beings by living out the perfection of our imperfections – or in other words, by living who we are. This is the true gear of life in all its simplicity and beauty creating exchange and aggregated value day by day.

– Carolina Fernandes, Transpersonal Coach



Coaching is a future focused process of transformation. As a coach, I partner with you on your path to change. I provide guidance and accountability so you can achieve your vision of transformation. Coaching is not about quick fixes. It’s about focus and transformation. Through coaching we’ll go through the discovery stages: getting clear on what you want and your ultimate vision, clarifying your values and mission, your deepest truths, while assuring that your goals are congruent with the most authentic version of yourself. Together we’ll create clear goals meeting your life purpose and work, and we’ll assure your body, mind and spirit is on track with it to sustain you along the way. We then create the path to success: defining how to make your vision a reality. Then comes achievement and execution: I’ll support you as you access your deepest, wisest self, your TRANSPERSONAL and Self-Aware-Self, so you can unleash the creativity and power within, being ready to act on the purpose you have for your work and life. Together we’ll navigate your path to building authenticity, success and fulfilment.

As a coach and mentor, I work with people who want to unfold their life purpose, to create deep meaning and lasting connection with themselves, their teams, personal relationships and their work. While I am dedicated to helping my clients make the lifestyle changes necessary for their success, I am not a licensed therapist. I cannot diagnose and treat mental illness. I work with clients who face challenges with life, career, stress, spirituality, self-care, relationships and the wish of leadership over their own purpose or the purpose of their teams and companies. Therapy, on the other hand, thoroughly assesses and addresses issues from the childhood and past. I work with a team of other coaches, certified psychologists and therapists to ensure that my clients can unfold all necessary facets of themselves during the process receiving the support of qualified specialists and experts of different fields if that is their choice.

Absolutely. It’s entirely up to you to decide the level of support you need in your life to execute change, healing, and actualizing the biggest vision for your life. As said in the question above it’s also part of my job to ensure that you receive access to the right experts in the fields you want and need to develop during our coaching process. I believe that personal development is key to success, and encourage you to develop your personal team of support as well.

I’ve spent over six years studying and working one-on-one with clients and companies to unfold their leadership potential and bringing meaning and fulfilment to their lives. I have worked with global companies in the field of digitalization for over twelve years, climbing to positions of leadership, strategy, product and business development. I have seen and experienced what the corporate world and its demands look like and how it’s possible to unfold talent for personal and organisational success inside of those organisations. I’ve spent over a decade of active deep inner work with the support of therapists, coaches and mentors myself in order to unfold my own potential. I’ve studied different ancient wisdoms and traditions which I incorporate into my work today, from christianity to greek mythology, zen, buddhism, sufism, taoism, spiritualism, theosophy among others. 2016 I got certified as transpersonal coach by the Transpersonal Academy in Switzerland being trained by the teachers Ralph Wilms (transpersonal coach and psychologist) and Tamara Mancini (transpersonal coach and seminar facilitator of “Genial Weiblich”). I’ve trained mindfulness, kundalini and transcendental meditation as well as guided visualisations, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming for changing behavior and thinking) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, a proven energy-based technique that releases mental, emotional and physical stress) techniques, body energy work management, conscious sexuality and spirituality for over twenty years all together learning from masters across Europe, Brazil, North America, Japan, China, India and the Philippines doing my own spiritual and coaching practices to become the woman I am today.

I currently live in Berlin, Germany, moving frequently between Europe, Asia and South America. Thus most of my sessions are executed via Skype or directly at my studio in Berlin. If it happens for us to be in the same city, it will be a pleasure to attend you in-person. Single sessions and full day intensives can be always booked during travels. For businesses, the coaching work is of course done on-site or any other location of your request.