Meet Carolina

Carolina is a certified transpersonal and systemic coach and mental trainer. She has over twenty years experience in mindfulness and meditation practices and complements her work with a strong technological background in the digital industry and agile methodologies. In her free time Carolina is also a poet, writer and speaker. Carolina is founder of two non-profit companies, worldwide advocate for human-rights, diversity and inclusion and also a passionate of conscious sexuality.

Focus of my work is in (re)-discovering the intrinsic motivation of leaders, enabling them to go beyond personal goals becoming themselves agents of change with an eye for collective thinking. The new leadership is created here through inner development.

At the same time my task as coach is to help people who are already doing so much for the world to heal and find back to their core in a space of vulnerability and openness – feeling fine within and reconnecting to themselves, in order to find joy and contentment back without having to fulfil the pressures and expectations of the outer world, feeling more and more empowered to go beyond themselves and start working towards something of a higher meaning as part of their lives.  

I have started my work on “people’s transformation” as a young leader and ambassador for human rights, holding speeches and keynotes internationally on my 20s and inspiring over 8,000 people from all 196 countries worldwide til today.

2006 I started my major expansion, meeting further teachers, deepening my techniques and expanding my knowledge in the ancient wisdoms and traditions and discovering the great power of transformation through our physical body. Since then I have learned with teachers across Europe, Brazil, North America, Japan, China, India and the Philippines. Meanwhile I have as well founded her first company in the area of education and talent empowerment.

Since 2012 I lead coaching groups, private and corporate clients helping people rediscover their intrinsic motivation, unfolding their purpose in life, creating a career and work environment with meaning and pushing themselves and their goals to the next level. Through coaching, meditation and awareness practices I empower my coachees to take action at the same time as opening their hearts, wisdom and creative intelligence to become part of the New Leadership, creating something that will last for generations and is much beyond their single personalities.

I work holistically for business and corporations bringing into context the palette of my backgrounds in IoT, Digitalisation, New Economy, Business Development, Service Design, Agile and Lean Methodologies, Futuristic Work, Trends, Change Management, Organisational Development, Human Rights, Diversity and Inclusion, Global Sustainability, Socioeconomics, Leadership Coaching and Mentoring, NLP, EFT, Ancient Wisdom, Mindfulness, Meditation, Quantum Healing, Yoga and Poetry Writing.

I’m keen to learn, teach, co-create and network. As a very charismatic personality, I’m always focusing on a positive attitude, bringing passion and drive for innovation and positive change, aiming to make the world a better place – for all of us.

2016 I certified as Transpersonal Coach at the “Transpersonale Akademie” in Switzerland. Since then my focus has been on Coaching for Leadership Development. I’m a member and associate of the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS), the Association of Transpersonal Psychology (ATP) and of the Association for Awareness & Mindfulness e.V. (ÖBAM/VFAM) .

I was born in Campinas, Brazil, living currently in Berlin, Germany and traveling regularly in order to incorporate further cultures, experiences and facets into my work as Transpersonal Coach for you.

In my spare time I act as a poet and community builder for The Dragonfly Poetry Club, work on digital projects as DreamMaker, the SilenceFinder, and plan the next immersions and experiences for leaders working with me towards their inner growth – being the next one my current favourite project named for a very good reason “Coaching in Paradise” – part of my new co-founded company UNFOLD Network.